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Personal Accident Insurance

We’ve teamed up with Trinity Insurance to offer you high quality Personal Accident Insurance that can be tailored to suit you. Choose from four levels of cover; economy, standard, elite and supreme, ranging from cover of £50,000 up to £160,000 and changeable at any time.

What's covered?

  • Full cover on and off duty
  • Total and partial disablement
  • Loss of limbs, toes and fingers
  • Loss of eyesight, speech and hearing
  • Fractures of vertebrae, pelvis, legs and arms
  • Cover for flesh wounds and facial scarring
  • Hospitalisation and rehabilitation benefit
  • All sports and activities included

What's not covered

  • Intentional self injury
  • An insured person’s criminal acts
  • An injured person engaging in any sport on a professional basis
  • An insured person while under the influence or affected by alcohol or drugs

What does it cost?

  • Personal accident cover from £9.21** per month
  • There is no standard excess on Trinity's personal accident policy
  • No charges for changes to your policy
  • No charges for new policy documentation
  • No charges for cancellation of your policy
  • All occupations covered at the same cost
  • **Based on a basic level of cover for a customer based in the UK, quote is subject to eligibility criteria.
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no charges for changes to your policy

no claims excess

competitive premiums

levels of cover changeable at any time